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  • This is a safe way to deal with unwanted home guests. This formulated product has been designed to cause less stress to mice when caught so that they can be sealed and released without harm. Its plastic construction is easy to clean and completely reusable too.
  • It's humane because there is no harness and you don't have to touch the mouse anyway, catch the mice alive, open the door (somewhere in the distance) and the mice disappear.
  • Don't suffer from glue anymore, and this humane, poison-free solution is also perfectly safe for use around children and pets.
  • Fully reusable, saving money. Just remember to clean it thoroughly with hot water before discarding.
  • We make this trap bigger and longer, so it can also catch big rats as easily as small mice big enough for rats.

- Last to 4 hours 
- Silent motor with low noice 
- Clean & stylish design with premium looks
- Self priming function for water tank

Multi-functional storage bag, made of polypropylene non-woven fabric, dust-proof, moisture-proof, durable, super large capacity, resistant to mess.  
Transparent design, easy to find storage objects, such as clothes, quilts, down jackets, coats, sweaters, etc.  
Storage environment: bed bottom, wardrobe, bedroom, storage room, etc

  • The blades are made from superior X30CR13 stainless steel, with colorful, durable coating. Tarish and rust resistant.
  • Beautiful and elegant Nordic design, attractive and stylish.
  • Non slip colorful handles: The beautiful and ergonomic designed handles are made of PP material, providing comfort, perfect stability, control, precision and accuracy.
  • Easy to clean and cuts effortlessly through boneless meats, fruit, and all vegetables.
  • The ceramic peeler is efficient to peel apples, potatoes, cucumber, pears, and any other melon fruit and vegetables.

-made of high quality stainless steel polishing inside and outside
-sturdy and durable, easy to clean
-has a perfectly narrow stem, ideal for filling small bottles and containers
-has a side handle to conveniently hold the funnel over jar

  • Wide LCD display is convenient
  • British metric conversion system for temperature
  • Notice function for low power status
  • Easy to operate, light weight and portable to carry
  • Automatic shutdown function to conserve energy, the device will automatically turn off after 5 minutes disabling.
  • Name: 4 in 1 Soil Survey Instrument
  • Test Object: current light intensity, soil moisture, the pH of the soil, the soil temperature
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Ideal For Woodwork, Construction Work, Handy Work, Any Metal Clamping Applications and DIY.
  • The product is heat treated and has high strength and durable.
  • Made by high quality ball iron steel, full heat treated.
  • T handle spinning for greater tightening, more torque and strong turning.
  • Special extra heavy duty quality, stable clamping.
  • Special spinning design for easier working.
  • Safe and convenient to use.
  • Threaded rod with wide spring contact and built-in locating pin for locking the coil spring in place for safer spring compression
  • Threaded rods allow for permanent and smooth compression of springs inside and outside the vehicle with manual or electric tools 
  • Reinforced with forged hooks and center screws to maximize strength and service life
  • Using a 3/4" or 19 mm sleeve and a ratcheting spindle, compress the strut springs to safely remove the fastening nut that secures the cartridge
  • Eco-healthy and easy for clean
  • High class non-stick performance anti scratch
  • Bakelite handle resistant to high temperature
  • Fashionable type suit for all kitchens and family
  • Granite coating
  • Suitable for gas
  • The bottom of the pot thread energy-saving bottom design
  • Heating faster
  • More uniform heat and more energy saving

1. Convenient for quick installation and replacement
2. Both sides can be used to extend the service life
3. Fine workmanship, no burr

1. Wireless electric grass trimer, eliminate the clutter caused by cables and cords.
2. Adjustable working angle. With a button switch for adjustment.
3. Rechargable. 3000mAh Battery.
4. 12V quick charge. With indicative light to show charging status.
5. Independent safety switch and trigger switch.
6. Auxiliary handle for free adjustment.
7. Stretchable pole. From 90cm to 120cm
8. Upgrade detachable protective cover to protect blade.
9. 450W effective motor.
10. 1.2KG Light Weight.

  • Can kill black, yellow,red ant and etc.
  • According to the ant's eating habits, the smell of powder can induce ants to come and eat. 
  • The ants move the granular powder back into the nest, and the ants and ant queens will eat the powder and be killed.
  • Low risk, low toxicity, and will not harm pets.
  • Rated voltage: 12V
  • Rated speed: 20000 rpm
  • Disc diameter: 80mm
  • Disc hole diameter: 10mm
  • Input Power : 300W
  • Grinding spindel thread : M5
  • Recommended ambient temperature: 0- + 35 ℃
  • Permissible ambient temperature: -20- + 50 ℃