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Power : 100w/50Hz
Voltage : 240V
Discharge : 1inch
Max Head : 6.5M
Max Flow : 70LPM

* Easy to carry and storage
* Gooseneck discharge spout
* Easy to handle and operate
* Lightweight aluminium alloy design
* Use on barrels, oil drums and small tanks
* Quickly and easily dispenses non corrosive liquids

  • - High strength and super durable.
  • - Triple coated design and water resistant.
  • - Anti UV design, perfect for outdoor using.
  • - It can apply in many different kinds of weather.
  • - It is rustproof which can be using for a long time.
  • - It is a perfect sun shelter, easy to use and to operate.
  • - Widely using as a car cover, boat covers, machine covers and many other places.

Printing Type : Direct Thermal Printing (No Ribbon Required)
Printing Width : 50-108mm (Suitable for shipping labels / airwaybill)
Resolution : 203dpi
Printing Speed : 50-127mm/s
Product Weight : 1.5KG
Dimensions : 217 (D) X 102 (W) X 112 (H) mm
Input Buffer: 1024K bytes
Work environment : 5°~45°
Storage temperature : -40°~55°
Connection : USB Only

  • Super Comfort - Cozy, furry and soft plush, a self-warming fluffy calming cat bed is reminiscent of a mother's fur coat.
  • Unique Design - Donut cuddler original calming pet bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up, raised rim design provide head and neck support, to ease the muscle soreness and joint pain for your loyal friend.
  • Lightweight - this cozy bed is lightweight and portable for travel. It is very easy for transportation and convenient to carry it in the car; this pet fusion dog bed could let your pets to stay comfortable during camping and traveling when outside.

- Max. flow rate 100 liters/min
- Max head 6 meter
- Made of tough, non-corrosive and rust proof materials
- 10 meter cable
- Power 150 watts
- 1-1/2" outlet, includes step adapter
- 6 Month Limited Warranty

1. 7 high brightness lamp beads.
2. USB charging, built-in battery, more convenient to use.
3. With portable HANDLE.

Highlight bright light. Remote control, solar charging, mobile phone charging, USB interface, power display, portable hook, large-capacity battery pack 
Continuous lighting for more than 10 hours to meet the needs of outdoor lighting in various night markets Multi- 
functional grip, can be use as a portable lamp 
Drill the large class of light, focus on outdoor lighting, high-intensity reflector in the case of light, the outdoor field of view is wider, to meet the needs of wide viewing angles 
Built-in universal hook is portable and durable 
Hang with a wide range of 360° lighting at hand, and the USB output can charge the phone
Four-block blue light battery display, know the battery status anytime, anywhere 
Hidden hook, strong and durable 
USB intelligent fast charging, USB interface can be connected to mobile phone chargers, car chargers with power banks, computers and other devices 
USB smart fast charging supports charging multiple devices, and can be connected to computers, car chargers, USB sockets and power banks, etc. 
smart remote control switch

[Long service life and strong long-range emission]: the flashlight adopts authentic Cree lamp beads and side USB output interface design. It has high brightness, strong light and long service life. Astigmatism design can switch the lighting mode according to the needs of the field.

[Multiple charging modes]: there are two power supply modes: USB charging and solar charging. USB charging. The main body of the lamp holder is provided with a USB charging port, which can be charged directly with a USB cable. In addition, it has solar charging, which can be charged when the sunlight touches the main body of the lamp. Can make full use of solar energy.

[Waterproof and power bank function]: the lantern is IPx4 waterproof to prevent splashing from any angle. Impact resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, can withstand bad weather. Our camping light can also be used as a mobile charging treasure to charge smart phones and other devices. Solve the inconvenience caused to you during the journey.

[Wide application]: in addition to disaster prevention articles in case of disasters, it can also be used at home, camping and places without lights. With two hooks, it can be placed in various places, which is very convenient. It can be used as lanterns, lighting, night fishing, barbecue, overnight in the car, earthquake countermeasures, camping, mountaineering, anti-theft, disaster prevention, power failure, emergency, work and other necessities in the tent. It can be carried anytime and anywhere.

  • Say NO to leave your pets behind.
  • Great for taking pets together either when travel or short walk
  • Transparent design
  • Mesh airholes to improve air flow
  • Provide clip for pets harness inside
  • Include pocket at one side to put cat treats/ bottle

Shank diameter: 1/4"
Material: carbon steel
Product packaging: Set wooden box
Product color: red + silver

  • - Hand Made Wand, keep your cat happy and healthy.
  • - The feather tailed on a wand is interactive entertainment for your cat !
  • - It is all available in one toy: chewer, exerciser, and teaser.
  • - Awesome interactive fun.
  • - Watch them flip, jump, pounce, and chase these natural cat teaser toys. - A great exerciser to keep you cat healthy and strong.

Automatic cleaning function
Easy to remove hair with one button
Take care of your laziness

  • Helps to groom the dead fur effectively
  • Gentle And Comfortable
  • Effectively reduce the hair knotted,make the dog's hair more shiny and bright.
  • Antistatic design, let love pet comfort, enjoy the wonderful leisure time.
  • Handle parts adopt plastic environmental protection material, does not cause the pet or the human body skin allergies
  • Use for small dogs or cats, can promote the blood circulation and make the dog's hair more shiny and bright.

- 100% Brand New
- Made of high quality steel and high quality steel wire rope.
- Portable, easy to mount and move. take up little space when use.
- Heavy duty steel construction and hardened steel gears; Resistant to bad weather.
- The cable of the crank winch measures 8m/26.2ft long, a little bit short but enough for daily use.
- Mooring hook equipped with a safety pawl; Support up to 2500lbs; 
- Suitable for many lifting applications, such as lift heavy objects, drag boats, or volleyball net.