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  • To protect your kitchen countertop and walls from stubborn oil stains
  • To save your drawers, cabinets and shelves from dust & dirt
  • To line your electrical appliances with a stylish self-adhesive aluminum layer
  • To facilitate cleaning of all smooth surfaces
  • This practical self-adhesive wall paper will line walls, furniture interior and appliance surfaces, to rid you of time-consuming after cooking cleaning.
  • Made from premium aluminum and plastic, this kitchen backsplash will blow your mind with its efficiency
  • It is ecofriendly, anti-bacterial, anti-dust, anti-moisture and heat-resistant, far more durable than custom PVC backsplashes.
  • Get a sturdy, long-lasting adhesive wallpaper for long, reliable use on all your kitchen surfaces
  • Just measure the dimensions of the surface you need to cover, cut easily due to the cut-to-fit grid lines on the removable back sticker and you’re done
  • Easy to apply and instantly removable when you no longer need it, this kitchen aluminum wallpaper is made for your convenience.
  • - Product Name : Filtering Half Mask
  • - Model : KD-03
  • - Material Type : Viscose non-woven fabric / Melt-blown fabric / Hot air cotton
  • - Feature : Soft and skin friendly, isolate large particles / antibacterial, odor and mildew proof / High effiency electristatic adsorption and bacteria filration
  • - Expired Date : 2 years
  • - Filtering Rate : >95%
  • - Colour : Grey / Black / White / Random Colour
  • - Quantity :1 / 3 / 5pcs ( 1 Box )
  • Name: Three Pin Double USB
  • Size: 8.5cm x 8.5cm
  • Rated current: 13A 250V
  • Color: White/Gold
  • Usage: hotels, restaurants, homes, public places and many other places
  • Name: Universal Three Pin Double USB
  • Size: 8.5cm x 8.5cm
  • Rated current: 13A 250V
  • Color: White/Gold
  • Usage: hotels, restaurants, homes, public places and many other places
  • Name: Universal 2&3 Pin Double USB
  • Size: 8.5cm x 8.5cm
  • Rate Current: AC100-250V
  • USB Output: 5V 2100mA
  • Color: White/Gold/Black
  • Usage: hotels, restaurants, homes, public places and many other places
  • - Type : Jack Stand Rubber
  • - Color: Black
  • - Material: Rubber
  • - Size: Approx. 8.5 x 3 x 2.5cm
  • - Product Weight : 48g
  • -Ideal choice for sanding and polishing.
  • -Sanding discs are made from aluminium oxide abrasive, durable and anti-static.
  • -The grit is larger, the polish effect is finer.
  • -Suitable for using with random orbit sanders.
  • -Hook and loop backed, and pre-punched with 8 holes for dust extraction, easy to use.
  • -Wide application :Apply to metal and non-metal, wood, rubber, leather, plastic, stone, glass and other materials grinding, polishing and so on.

1. This is a plastic welding technique which is analogous to gas welding of metals, though the specific techniques are different.
2. This specially designed heat gun (hot air welder) produces a jet of hot air that softens the parts to be joined, as well as the plastic filler rod.
3. Hot air/gas welding is a common fabrication technique for manufacturing smaller items including and not limited to chemical tanks, water tanks (black, grey, fresh & ballast), heat exchangers, and plumbing fittings.
4. The materials being welded and the welding rod must be of the same or very similar plastic. Welding PVC to acrylic is an exception to this rule.
5. Plastic plate welding repair of various plastic parts of various plastic material decoration of the welding, the instrument of the dust, moisture, electric motor drying.

  • - Colour: white
  • - Material: ABS
  • - Accuracy: 1g
  • - Maximum Gravimetric Weight: 10KG
  • - Weighing units : 4 Unit ( g, oz, LB, ml )
  • - Display : LCD
  • Model : 12 Inch Tenon Saw
  • Thread Per Inch : 8 TPI
  • Size : 12 Inch ( 304mm )

Inner bag waterproof material.
Made of oxford cloth and nylon material, durable and easy to carry.
Adjustable strap allows for easy access to contents.
Ideal for carrying hand tools and other small to medium items.
Top zipped wide open mouth for easy approaching tools.
Outer pocket stores personal belongings, small tools & accessories.
It is a great tool storage bag for electricians during installing or maintenance.

1. Wireless electric grass trimer, eliminate the clutter caused by cables and cords.
2. Adjustable working angle. With a button switch for adjustment.
3. Rechargable. 3000mAh Battery.
4. 12V quick charge. With indicative light to show charging status.
5. Independent safety switch and trigger switch.
6. Auxiliary handle for free adjustment.
7. Stretchable pole. From 90cm to 120cm
8. Upgrade detachable protective cover to protect blade.
9. 450W effective motor.
10. 1.2KG Light Weight.

  • Material: ABS material
  • Specifications: 12 inch/14 inch
  • Size: as shown
  • Weight: about 340g/540g
  • Applicable scope: for Woodworking enthusiasts
  • Size:About 25*15.5*7.2cm
  • Color: White /Green /Blue/ Pink
  • Weight:170g
  • Holes : 15 Holes
  • Occasion:The kitchen