LCD Digital Thermometer Waterproof Oral Armpit Thermometer for Baby Child and Adult High Precision Thermometer for Fever
Product SKU LCD Digital Thermometer Baby
Size (L x W x H) 18 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
  • Length : 120mm
  • Weight : 10g
  • Battery Included : Yes
  • LCD Display : Yes
  • LCD Display Size : 20 x 5 mm

Waterproof, rinse with water after the measurement day, regular use of alcohol can also be disinfected
Beep, beep after the end of the measurement automatically prompt (measured mercury do not know how long the subject, this section no such concerns) Precision, accuracy up to ± 0.5 , the minimum scale reading up to 0.1 ;
Easy reading, measurement accuracy, no harmful mercury, etc., and have Beeper and memory function


Length : 120mm
Weight : 10g
Battery Included : Yes
LCD Display : Yes
LCD Display Size : 20 x 5 mm


1. Before use, disinfect the thermometer sensor head.
2. Press the power button, the buzzer will make a beep sound and display a prompt symbol.
3. Subsequently, the display shows the last measured temperature for 2 minutes, then the ° C symbol on the display flashes, indicating that it is in the state to be measured.
4. Put the sensor head of the thermometer into the measurement part, and the display shows that the temperature gradually rises. At the same time, the ° C symbol flashes, indicating that the measurement is in progress. If the temperature is unchanged for 16 consecutive minutes during measurement, the ° C symbol stops flashing, indicating that the water temperature measurement is complete and the measurement result has been memorized, and the displayed temperature value can be read.
5. After the measurement is completed, if you do not press the power button to turn off the power, it will automatically shut down after 8 minutes.


1 x Digital LCD Body Thermometer
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1 x Digital LCD Body Thermometer