Kitchen & Table Linen
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  • These towels are lightweight, absorbent , durable and dry quickly for daily use to keep dishes, glasses and counters clean.
  • Easy to tear, good breathability, good toughness,clean and soft.
  • Point-break design, easy to tear, convenient design, tear with use, not easy to waste.
  • Easy to deal with oil stains on cooktops and water stains on pots and bowls,dry scrubbing and wet cleaning, suitable for home cleaning.
  • Using one piece a day, the kitchen will be free of grease and bacteria, which can provide better care for the family.
  • Made from non-woven materials, absorb water and oil without breaking.
  • Each towel can be washed and reused up to 85 times
  • 50 rolls per roll, so a roll of towels replaces 50 kitchen towels ! Completely replace kitchen towels.
  • Super strong, absorbent, versatile, durable, reusable
  • Very clean and hygienic. When your dishcloth is dirty, you only need to throw it and take a new one, no need to clean it for dirty cloth. And you don't have to worry about these building up mildew.
  • It is suitable for scrubbing kitchen utensils, tableware, utensils, tables, kitchens and stoves.
  • Perfect for dishes, drying your hands or face, cleaning mirrors, tables, windows, cars,or dusting.
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