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  • [PREMIUM QUALITY] Made of durable food grade glass and stainless steel pour spout, stainless steel and glass were the perfect match, our olive oil dispenser is built to bring you a safe and healthy cooking life! No drips, spills or accidents with these bottles.
  • [PRACTICAL DISPENSER] With the curving spout design, No drips, spills or accidents with these bottles. Stainless steel and glass - the perfect visual combination, create an elegant and classic kitchen star.
  • [CONVENIENT BOTTLE] Each of the FARI Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Bottles can hold up to 10oz, so you won't have to worry about refilling often.
  • [MUTIL-FUNCTION] Set of cruets is perfect for olive oil and vinegar dispenser, it's also great for sauce, cooking wine, chili oil and other liquids container. Making your home a better space with the beautiful, Pratical bottles.
  • [HEALTHY & PRACTICAL KITCHEN STAR] Enjoy the functional benefits of the vinegar dispenser, while adding an eyecatcher to your interior; stainless steel and glass - the perfect visual combination - create an elegant and classic kitchen star.
  • Helps you utilise your space. A clever design, crafted from high quality plastic to boost its sturdiness and longevity.
  • 360 degree rotatable hooks design: The rotatable kitchen wall hooks can hold more items. You can rotate the hooks to easily place or find out the kitchenware you need.
  • Retractable head: When you want to place something of big size, such as big bottles, you can pull out the head to keep it upright
  • Easy to install: Self adhesive, punch-free, just tear the back adhesive film to paste on the surface you want.The back adhesive can keep it firm on wall. ( Tape or glue not included )
  • The multi-purpose shelf is a great solution for kitchen, bathroom or home storage and organization, and rustic design will add a traditional touch to any home.
  • - 3pc in 1 set: cooking pot, frying pan, smaller cooking pot
  • - suitable for gas stove & induction cooker
  • - Multi-function
  • - Non stick material
  • - Easy to cleaning
  • - Glass cover
  • - Black color
  • - Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • - Color: Silver
  • - Product Dimensions: 93cm x 44cm x 30cm
  • - Trolley size: 40cm x 55cm x 92cm (before fold)
  • - Trolley size: 40cm x 21cm x 92cm (after fold)
  • - Loading capacity: 50kg/35L

Suitable: dipping dish, decoration, tealight & etc.
Ideal for kitchen use
Pan designApplicable: party, celebration & etc.
Material: ceramic
8 colours (random mix): green / pink /red / white / black / blue / yellow / black + white
Dimension: 10cm x 6cm x 2.5cm
Package:6pcs / set mini ceramic dish (random mix colour)

  • Made out of eco-friendly organic bamboo to ensure a long lasting durability.
  • Perfect for holding paper towels for easy access.It can hold any size of tissue rolls.
  • Perfect for countertop storage and allows for easy access to paper towels when needed while keeping them organized and your kitchen tidy.
  • Adds a classic and elegant decoration to your room.
  • Made of high quality ceramic material, durable and safe.
  • Oval & Square pattern design, stylish and unique.
  • Made of bamboo material, durable for long term use.
  • Smooth surface, beautiful color.


- Multipurpose
- Suitable: dipping dish, decoration, tealight & etc.
- Ideal for kitchen use
- Heart / Love shape design
- Applicable: party, celebration & etc.
- Material: ceramic
- Durable
- 8 colours (random mix): white, blue, pink, green, purple, yellow, red, light pink
- Dimension: 7.5cm x 8cm x 2.5cm

  • - Stair Climbing Shopping Trolley Six wheels hug stairs to climb effortlessly and tackle all terrains.
  • - Aluminium handle & tray Loading:75kg
  • - Net weight:4kg Adjustable telescopic handle can change height for ease of use and to minimise strain.
  • - Go up and down stairs, curbs, steps and over all terrains with ease.
  • Easy to Use: Whether you’re right or left-handed, the ergonomic handle allows you to restore your cooking knives in a matter of seconds! Simply place the blade in each of the slots and gently pull the knife through a few times for fast, effective sharpening.
  • Cut-Resistant Glove Included: Weput the safety of our customers above all else. Designed with a non-slip base, our kitchen knife sharpener offers comfortable control while you work. We’re even including a cut-resistant glove for added safety!
  • Premium Quality: With our professional knife sharpener kit, you don’t have to be a chef to cook like one! Crafted from solid ABS plastic, it’s strong, durable and designed to last a lifetime. Made with high quality materials, knives will work like new.
  • Space Saving: Maximize the use of vertical space for desktop. Extremely sturdy and stable coffee cup holder allows you to hang 6 square or round cups.
  • Ultra-stable & Von Slip Base: We can use this mug tree for large mugs and achieve the cup storage by mugs hang. Non slip pads under the base prevents it sliding on table top, durable bottom ensures the coffee mug tree stand stable on a counter.
  • Rust-proof and Durable: This mug holder is made of high quality pure beech wood. Not easily deformed. Unlike mug trees made of iron, this mug holder does not have the problem of rusting.
  • Removable & Space-saving: Each branch of our mug holder tree is a spiral design, healthy and environmentally friendly and free of glue, without worrying about the hook falling off at high temperatures. You can remove the mug holder tree and store it when not in use.
  • Elegant Decoration: The coffee cup holder is elegant and beautiful. it can be used on the counter for display or for simultaneous storage on the table, as well as in the restaurant, office or wedding hall next to the coffee and tea.
  • With two side handle, it is easy to reach even when stored on upper shelves or inside base cabinets.
  • The high side walls keep items safely in place while the tray is spinning.
  • Revolving bin maximizes space, especially in corner and deep base cabinets.
  • Can be used for organizing basic kitchen and pantry supplies, spices, herbs, oils, dressings, mixes, bottles and condiments.
  • Easy to glide and rotates 360°. Turntable operates on smooth-gliding, stainless steel ball bearings for an easy spin every time.
  • This rotating storage organizer is perfect in so many rooms of the home.
  • Used for storing garbage bags, shopping bags, shoe covers, plastic bags and more.
  • The open lid design makes it easy to remove bags as well as quick donning.
  • The lower opening area is convenient for removing the plastic bag for use.
  • Made of high quality PP and ABS, it is sturdy and durable for long time use.
  • Wall mounted with back adhesive for easy installation.
  • Natural wood with clear texture.
  • Long roll bracket, easy to roll in roll paper.
  • Polished good, smooth and not stabbing.
  • Anti-slip buttom surface, not easy to dump away.
  • Easy to instal and no need machine help.
  • Very convinient, can be placed on any place in the house.
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