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Perfect casters for small equipment and small space furniture including coffee table, plant stands, bookshelves, shoe bins, toy bins, shopping carts, workbench.

Perfect casters replacement for your wire rack shelving units. Also It can make your workbench, freezer, grill, fire pit, cooler, washer, dryer,grinder/ drill press stand, compressoror any other gadget you need move easily and roll smoothly, which save your labor and time.

Perfect casters for small equipment and small space furniture including coffee table, plant stands, bookshelves, shoe bins, toy bins, shopping carts, workbench.

Twin wheels allow for more surface area in contact with the floor and move in opposite directions to minimize carpet fiber twisting, commonly found on RTA furniture, office chairs and entertainment centers.

-Suitable for measuring, marking out, laying out etc.
-Made of stainless steel, durable, not easy to break.
-Exquisite workmanship, comfortable feel, can be safely used.
-Light weight, easy to carry.
-Easy reading and use.
-Stainless steel with clearly and accurately ruler calibration.
-The measurement range is 0 to 300MM.
-It is a good tool to measure angle.

- Light weight
- Durable
- Clear scale
- Accurate measurement
- Easy to use, easy to hold
- Scale on both side
- High quality product
- Colour: Silver
- Material: ABS
- Size available : 6" (150mm) / 8" (200mm) / 10" (250mm) / 12"(300mm) / 16" (400mm) / 20" (500mm)

- Adopts high quality steel,more solid and durable
- Strong corrosion resistance and not easy to rust
- Can effectively reduce nut tip wear
- Rotate 360° degree universal can be used flexibly multiple directions
- Can cooperate with pneumatic wrench, ratchet wrench and manual wrench
- Widely used in mining, shipbuilding, auto-repair and other industries

  • Universally fits for coffee table, restaurant cart, machinery equipment etc. ( Not for heavy Sofa / Chair )
  • Easy-installing, floor-protecting, ergonomical design, smooth operation, easy-gliding and swivel.

White Nylon Caster Wheels are made with a nylon material. Nylon wheels are a better choice in wet and corrosive applications which require both chemical resistance and a load capacity. Swivel casters offer ease of maneuverability and the ability to rotate in a complete 360 degree.

  • Variable temperature control
  • Power On Indicator lamp
  • Stable heel rest
  • Ergonomic design handle is comfortable for hand hold
  • Flexible cord
  • Iron with Stainless Steel coating soleplate
  • Thread repair kit including 20/10 wire thread inserts.
  • This thread repair kit is for M2/M3/M4/M5/M6/M8/M10/M12 to repair damaged or worn out threads.
  • Made of high speed steel and red color plastic handle, sturdy and durable in use.
  • It can be used in daily repair, car repair, drilling machine, etc.
  • Ideal for engine repair and other automotive applications, for restoring the damaged threads.
  • The thread repair kit including thread inserts, drill bit, thread tap, insert installation, lug breaking tool, allow you have smooth repairing experience.
  • Model EAX 7120
  • Motor 3 HP
  • Capacity 250 L /min
  • Exhaust pressure 0.8 mpa
  • Diameter Cylinder 65mm x 2
  • Speed RPM 2850
  • Air Tank (L) 110 L

1.Multi-function: Digital pulse oximeter can be used to measure pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation levels, and perfusion index accurately.
2.Easy to Read: Support beep sound, SPO2, pulse, and bar chart, you can view your result very clear with LED display.
3.Easy to Use: Accurate and reliable, one-button operation, just clip it on to your finger and turn it on at the press of a button.
4.Suitable for everyday use. Widely used in a family,  oxygen bar, social organizations, physical care in sports, etc.


  • Drilling diagonal holes
  • Oblique hole completed
  • Screw in the screws to connect the plates
  • Visible screws exposed outside the board
  • Select the corresponding color hole cover
  • Gently push in to cover the oblique hole
  • For first time use, please take out the cotton swab and make it soak in water for about 3-5 minutes.
  • Add appropriate amount water, maximum water amount is 300ml.
  • Don't make the humidifier lost balance, or the water will spill over.
  • We recommend that clean the humidifier after each use to avoid fogging. Empty the water and gently wipe the water tank to dry. DO NOT wash the device directly under the water tap.